The Guilt-Free Zone

The Guilt-Free Zone

The life of a parent can be challenging. So challenging that making it to church, albeit sometimes late, feels like an accomplishment. Sometimes parenting looks like dealing with the “poop explosion” on the way out of the front door, or the projectile vomit that comes after the seatbelt is fastened, or the subtle 102-degree fever that sneaks up you 6 a.m. Sunday morning. It can be so discouraging when you find yourself having missed three Sundays in a row, and the Sunday you show up, you spend it in the toddler room soothing your little one.

If we are not careful, we can allow guilt and anxiety separate us from Gospel community. You may find yourself repeating ideas like these:

“Since I can’t participate as much as I want, maybe I shouldn’t try at all.”


“Since I have to bring my kids, I’m not sure if I should even go… besides, who wants to hear my little one whining?”


“What’s the point in coming if I have to leave early?”


“They are all so connected, I don’t fit in anymore.”


“No one understands how hard it is for me to just show up.”

I want you to know that Redeemer Kids is a safe place for you and your children! There is no one waiting at the door to keep tally marks of how many services you or your kiddo has missed. There is no teacher on call to announce to you when your little one should be potty trained or weaned from sucking a pacifier. We are here to serve and love you. When your family walks through the door, we are prayerfully ready for you.

There are so many things you might find yourself feeling guilt or shame over. But our prayer is that Redeemer Kids is never one of those. We realize children will cry in class; I promise it is okay. We also realize some children will prefer to stay with their parent until they feel comfortable, and that’s okay too.

We hope this year to build a strong relationship with you and your children. It’s an honor to serve your family as you enjoy the service and teach your child simple truths of who Christ is and who they are in Christ.

Thanks and love to each one of my children’s ministry parents.

In Christ,

Markela Dotson

Redeemer Church Children’s Ministry Director

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