Is My Child Smart?

Is My Child Smart?

Talking to a parent recently, I was reminded of a book I read several years ago called “How Am I Smart?: A Parent’s Guide to Multiple Intelligences” by Dr. Kathy Koch. It has been instrumental in aiding my husband and I as we attempt to parent two children with such opposite personalities and giftings.

Too often, our society and culture will praise the children who excel in the areas of academia while overlooking those who excel in the arts or social awareness or athletics. Regardless of what our society chooses to emphasize and praise, we as parents have been given the wonderful opportunity to identify and develop the giftings in our children.

From infancy, we begin to recognize the beautiful nuances of their personalities. Sadly, fear and doubt begin to creep into our homes—I believe through the sin of comparison. Comparing our child to the neighbor’s child, their classmate, cousin or sibling. We wonder, “does our little one measure up? Have they reached a certain milestone? If so, did they reach it before or after everyone else?”

Often, we may even fearfully ask ourselves, “Is my child smart, or even, is my child smart enough?”

After reading Dr. Koch’s book, I was encouraged to know that my children are unequivocally smart. However, I am blessed with the task of learning how they are smart and encouraging them in their areas of intelligence. I am determined to defy culture and not see one gifting as greater or lesser than another and instead seek to understand the sovereignty of God in the creation and destiny of our children. What a wonderful honor to be a part of the journey of helping children know who God created them to be and the innate giftedness He has put inside of each of them. I pray this book will be the blessing to your family that it was to my own.

In Christ,

Markela Dotson

Redeemer Church Children’s Ministry Director


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