About Stanley John

About Stanley John

I grew up in a home where my parents knew the Lord and were actively following him. Growing up I was very aware of the importance of my parents spiritual walk as they tried to instill it in their kids. Though the church environment I grew up in was somewhat legalistic, I was regularly taught from the Bible and participated in our local church. This was key for my understanding of the scriptures and the role of prayer in the life of believers.

All of that led to my conversion around age 13 at a Vacation Bible School. However, I did not start experiencing Jesus more fully until I reached my mid-teens. After immigrating to the U.S. when I turned 17, I was baptized at our new, local church in New York. God has been pressing into me ever since, constantly refining me and working on my understanding of who he is and what he is up to in my life.

I met my wife, Lyndsay, in the fall of 2013. We dated for almost a year, got engaged and were married in January 2015. She has been a huge blessing and God has been using her to remind me of his love. Our marriage has given me an opportunity to grow in my ability to serve and love unselfishly. We are also expecting our first child in August 2017!

I currently work as an Analytics consultant for Blue Cross Blue Shield and have been in the healthcare space for almost all of my short career. I feel this is where God has put me to share the truth of the Gospel with those in the corporate arena. I love what I do and am constantly striving to know more and do what I do better.

I am praying that God will shine through Lyndsay and I as we serve Him and His people at Redeemer just as we are loved and served by His people.

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